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Data Collector Protocol

The connection between a data collector node and the gateway is via wifi and

Messages to the data collector node from the gateway are command messages. Messages from the data collection node to the gateway are data messages.


Command Token Parameters Description
Get Config GET <var> Get the specified configuration variable, * specifies all variables
Read Sensors RD <sensor_name> Directs the node to read one or more of its sensors and send the data once it is available, * = all sensors
Reboot/reset RS <na> Perform a self reset via power cycle if possible
Set Config SET <var>=<val> Set the specified configuration variable to the specified value


Data messages carry data form the collector node to the gateway node. The gateway node will interpret the contents and forward to the telemetry aggregator. Data node messages are comma delimited fields in a single row/record

  • Data Node ID: Unique identifier of the data node, <house-node>
  • Sensor ID: Unique within the data node (may be non-unique beyond the data node)
  • Timestamp: <tbd>
  • <var>:<val>: variable and it associated value, note that there may be multiple variable/value pairs in a single data message
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