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Public Keys and Online Identity

If you would like to exchange encrypted mail my public key (GPG) is

Trust Cloud is offering an interesting reputation and identity service. Sign up and let me know what you think. My Trust Card is:

Good VPS Hosting Providers

I use linode and digital ocean for VPS hosting.

If you are looking for a good virtual private server hosting solution that includes support for FreeBSD I can recommend Digital Ocean. They will give you a $10 discount (and me a $25 credit) if you use my referral code.

Amateur Radio

Stephen, Richard and I are now licensed amateur radio operators:
One project was a 72" box blade for the skid steer. This one was neat because new box blades for a skid steer are super expensive - I designed and built the one you see below. The mount plate behind it was pre-fab (I was running out of time and Jorie wanted to see some dirt and gravel move).

The total materials cost was about $300 (everything was 1/4" steel). I used a Hobart LX235 stick welder and 7018 to glue everything together and an oxy-acetylene torch to cut all the pieces out.

The project that is currently taking up my free time (after my family) is getting a barn built. We bought a kit from DIY Pole Barns and are trying to get it done before the first snow.

Here is the latest picture of our progress:

The details are captured on their own Polebarn Project Page

The Lord is My Shepherd

I thank God that he has made me one of His children through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I can not imagine being a father or a husband without His divine sustenance! If you do not know Christ, I encourage you to spend a few minutes to read His story in the Gospel of John. If you do not have a Bible take a look at one of the sites that make it available online, my favorite is The Bible Gateway They have many tranlsations available - I recommend reading the New International Version.

Please feel free to drop me note if you have any questions about how to come to know Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

The most useful and comprehensive site I have seen for the study of God's Word is This is a huge collection of audio and written resources from respected men of God of present day and back through history. I strongly recommend that you take a few minutes to explore the treasures available from this site.

E-mail me at glen.wiley at - but bear in mind that I rely on a pretty aggressive spam filter so if we haven't exchanged email before then it may take a few tries to get through to me.